YellowBeetle Forum


Template Reference

Master Templates

Template Used for
post.html A post
category.html A Forum Category

Default Templates

Template Used for
catlisting.html  yb_forum_categories_list
cattitle.html  yb_forum_category
post_form.html  yb_forum_post_create_form, yb_forum_post_edit_form
postlisting.html  yb_forum_posts_list
topic_form.html  yb_forum_topic_create_form, yb_forum_topic_edit_form
topiclisting.html  yb_forum_topics_list
topictitle.html  yb_forum_topic_title
emails/post_mod_notification.html  Notify moderator that post requiring moderation has been posted
emails/post_posted_notification.html Notify the moderator that a post not requiring moderation has been posted 
emails/post_watch_notification.html Notify members of a topic's watch list that something has been posted 

Template IDs

YB Forum templates work just like other Perch templates. There are a default set in perch/addons/apps/yb_forum/templates. If you want to modify these you should first copy them to perch/templates/yb_forum.


catID The ID number of the category
catSlug Short title
catTitle Long title
catDesc The description of the category entered in the Perch UI


topicID - The ID of the topic that the post will be added to. You should send this back to the form handler by including it as a hidden field in the form template.

Post Listing

The templates used in conjunction with the yb_forum_posts_list() function

postID The ID of the individual post
topicID The ID of the topic this post is under
postCreatedDateTime The time the post was created
postEditedDateTime The time the post was last edited
postAuthor The name of the person who wrote the post, taken from their login information at the time of writing the post
postAuthorEmail The email address of the post author
postContent The original Textile version of the post
postContentHTMLCache The HTML version of the post
postStatus Whether the post will be displayed or not
postIP The IP address of the poster
postMine The current logged in user matches that of the post
loggedIn Processing of the Template by Perch_Member doesn't work for me, this gets round the issue by adding the logged in state of the current user
quotable The text of a post can be copied into a new post


Topic Form

catOptions - An options list that can be sent to a Perch Select element to provide a list of available Forum Categories


 Topics display

topicID The topic ID
catID The associated category ID
topicTitle The text of the topic
topicDateTime The time the topic was created
topicUpdatedDateTime The time one of the posts of the topic was last update