YB Forum RoadMap

by Paul Ellis

Here is a list of features that I'm planning to add to YB Forum. There is no order or timescales, they will depend on how much spare time I get.

Feature Implemented in version
Email notification on moderation required (optional) 0.1.3
Require re-moderation on edit 0.2.0
Make moderation optional 0.1.3
Trusted users (some require moderation and some don't) 0.4.0
Record IP address 0.2.0
Pagination of posts 0.2.0 
Categories of Topics 0.3.0 
Email notification watched topics 0.4.0
Quote from previous post 0.5.0
Dashboard Entry 0.2.2 
Sort up or down 0.2.0 
Move post redirects from Settings to $opts? 0.5.0
Perch Permissions for moderation 0.2.2 
Paging in Perch UI 0.5.0 
Edit Topics from Perch UI 0.2.2 
Don't display topics with no posts 0.2.3 
Delete topics from Perch UI 0.2.3 
Delete empty topics on schedule (optional) 0.2.2
Delete posts marked for delete on schedule (optional) 0.2.2
pagination of topics 0.2.3 
Fetch Topics by newest post under them 0.4.0


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