YB Forum Example Screenshots

by Paul Ellis


As with the rest of Perch you can supply your own HTML and CSS via your pages, the template system and your own stylesheets so your forum could look completely different to this, This should give you an idea of the forum workflow (in this case with Moderation enabled)


Home Screen


Click on a topic title to view posts or 'Add a New Topic' to go to the Add Topic screen.

Add Topic

Add Topic Screen

Clicking on OK takes you to the Add Post Screen

Add Post

Add Post

Clicking OK creates the post and the goes to the Post List screen for the created topic

Post List

Waiting Moderation

Here, moderation is enabled and the post is hidden. The original author can still edit it though. Clicking on New Post goes to the Add Post screen. If it has been enabled, an email is sent to the moderator to say that a post is waiting moderation

 List of Posts Waiting Moderation

Mderators List

The moderator will come to this screen to see which posts need to be examined. Clicking on the name for each post will show the post edit screen

Post Edit/Acceptance

Post Details

If the post is acceptable the Moderator will set the status to Accepted, they can also set it to 'Rejected' where the user can go and edit the post or 'Deleted' where the post is hidden. If the post is really, really bad the IP of the user when posting is shown on this screen too.

Accepted Post

After moderation

Once the post is accepted (or auto-accepted when Moderation is disabled) the post appears in the post list.


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