Perch CMS

Perch CMS

Perch is my Content Management System (CMS) of choice for small sites and here is why:

It isn't free but it isn't expensive either

Not being free raises the expectation level when it comes to what will be provided by EdgeOfMySeat, the company behind Perch. Both in terms of the quality of work and the level of support if something does go wrong. On the other hand it won't break the bank either, it is the cheapest of the paid-for CMSs that I know of.

.No themes

Perch reusability if finer grained that most. The data from the database is formatted using a template for a display. Templates are not, though, packaged into themes so you don't have to take a load of stuff you don't want. Templates can easily be shared between projects.

It really fits with my workflow

Perch can be introduced gradually making more and more use of its functionality as you go on. It means that a site could go live earlier to gauge reaction and then move forward to introduce a CMS. My workflow lloks something like this:

  • Create a static HTML prototype site (usually using Foundation framework)
  • Replace some of the static content with Perch content regions
  • Create Layouts for the common parts of the pages
  • Add Apps such as Blogs, Event Calanders, etc

Content can be controlled so it doesn't break the site design

It is very easy for templates to be designed in a way that adds content without allowing the user to change anthing that will break a design. Fields can be really small and tightly control what the user enteres or just one big WYSIWYG text entry, it is up to you.

The Control Panel is intuitive

It doesn't take much explaining before users can start adding and editing content.

Perch won't prevent you doing anything you want on a page

You can use Perch as little or as much as you want on any indivdual page on your site. It won't stop you adding any sort of CSS, Javascript, etc technology. If necessary just modify a template here and there to fit in.

I've used Perch on four sites now and fully intend to use it some more. I've written a Forum Addon using the Perch API. The API is another good reason for using Perch as it makes it easily extendable, 

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