Web Development and Hosting

My name is Paul Ellis and trading as YellowBeetle I provides freelance web development. My core activity is taking your design and turning it into a website with any server or client code created as necessary. I can provide a design service as well if required. Prices are based on the time it will take to develop your ideas so Contact Us for more details.

Need cheap hosting with unlimited webspace and unlimited bandwidth? Don’t require super-fast support? Look no further - I get hosting from a major supplier and sell it on really cheaply. Visit my Hosting page for information

I have developed add-ons for the Perch CMS. Find out more about YB Forum (Forum module) and YB Cal (Event Calendar with repeat events)


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Some of our development specialities are listed below:

Animation using Greensock

Greensock is a Javascript library that allows the creation of Adobe Flash-like animation using HTML5 elements instead.

Content Management using Perch CMS

A Content Management System (CMS) separates the design of a site from its contents. Users can change what the site says without needing to know HTML, etc. And, if the site has been designed properly, without breaking the site's design. Perch is a lightweight CMS that is perfect for small sites (although it scales well to larger ones). It isn't free - there is a small one-off fee - but that gives the benefit of a paid-for support channel.

Perch logo

Rapid site development using the Foundation Framework

Foundation example screen

The Foundation framework takes some of the repeat work out of building a website and so makes it quicker. It also makes creating Responsive websites a lot easier. It isn't for all sites but it does make at least getting to a prototype quicker (and therefore cheaper for you).

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery

These are the main building blocks of a website. HTML5 gives the structure, CSS the look and JavaScript gives any interaction. The jQuery library makes the provision of widgets like popups, etc. quicker to implement.

HTML, CSS & JS logos

PHP Backend Development

PHP logo

Store data in a database, process a form, retrieve information from a remote server - all require code that runs on the server.

Sites for Choirs & Churches

I started writing pages for my churches and choirs before working on projects for larger companies such as Marconi. I therefore have a good idea of the requirements of these types of sites already. As a bonus, you can also get a discounted rate on hosting for these types of sites at YellowBeetle Hosting


These are some of the public sites I have designed over several years. There are other Intranet sites and embedded sites that are, unfortunately, not accessible on the web.